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5 NLP tips to reduce face mask anxiety and aggravation

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How do you reduce face mask anxiety using NLP? Yes, the aggravation is real, We recently covered the first 5 tips regarding face masks, and this week we will provide some varied choices of NLP and NLP related tools.

5 NLP Tips to Cope With A Face Mask – Part 1

NLP Tips to reduce face mask anxiety and aggravation

1. Switch emotional states

Switch someone’s emotional state and say, “I am wearing a mask, but I am smiling at you.” You will notice that when you do this, the other person communicates back to you in a way that makes you feel good. You both walk away with a feeling that the other person is kind. These little exchanges are little pieces of sunshine in my day.

2. Anchoring

Anchor the face mask inside a positive emotion. Those of you who studied NLP know how to do this. Imagine a moment where you felt a positive emotion that you find suitable to belong with your mask – for example, calmness a feeling of being awake, etc. Make the emotion and memory as strong as you can, make it big, bright, see it through your own eyes. Make the sound more intense. When you feel this emotion strongly, put your facemask on. Repeat when you are wearing your facemasks during different activities.

3. Scent and memory

Scent directly connects to the memory center of the brain. This can facilitate accessing positive emotions when you wear your mask. Put some essential oil in your mask. The best brand for essential oils I’ve found is Rocky Mountain Oils. Europeans will struggle to get these and may quickly resort to Doterra and Young Living (also great brands, but want to lock you into a multi-level marketing scheme). Plant Therapy is also a great company and the best bet for Europeans to avoid marketing schemes.

4. Reframing

Reframe the mask. Rather than looking at it as a nuisance, see it as a way to be kind to others.

5. Future pacing

Imagine the day the pandemic is over. What will you see, hear, and feel? This is a method that survivors of many other difficult times have used. In NLP, we call it future pacing.

Well, that’s all folks. Some advice from your face-mask-wearing NLP trainer.



The Anxiety First Aid Kit: Quick Tools for Extreme, Uncertain Times – Rick Hanson, Ph.D


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