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5 Tips to increase your emotional intelligence today

Emotional Intelligence

“5 tips to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence today’ is written by Nini Sanborg, NLP Maser Coach, and one of our former students.

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1. Develop your social skills

High developed social skills are often closely linked with emotional intelligence. When developing your social skills you have to open yourself up to the ability and opportunity to talk and connect with others. Being socially responsibly shows that you care about others and not just personal gain – and will reap great awards in your development of emotional intelligence.

Individuals who focus on development and good of others rather than their own , have a greater level of EI with excelled humbleness to go with it. Humbleness evolves your emotional intelligence because of the way you take your responsibilities for your own feelings and behaviour.

2. Create a positive environment

Repetitive positive thoughts creates a positive environment. With practice of choosing positive thoughts, it eventually becomes a habit that will make it easier and easier to get up to speed with your on positive thoughts on a daily basis.

To sustain a positive environment get out of your past and into your future! Leave the disappointments behind like a heavy and unnecessary piece of luggage.

In identifying your own habit of complaining about your surroundings, you are also another step closer to creating the positive environment you know you deserve to live and thrive in! Complaining implies to draining suggestions: 1. That we cannot solve our own problems and 2. That we are victims.

Highly emotional intelligent people recognises that there is always a different way to look at a problem, and there is always a solution – even if it isn’t clear to you yet. They also aware of that complaining affects the surroundings, and see no point in polluting a healthy environment with a way of talking that inspires no action or solutions what so ever.

Trust that the solution will appear in the right time – and with your brilliant wit, brains and stamina it will. Your positive environment and habits will take you there – not your complaints.

3. Get motivated

Motivation is a typical factor for people with high emotional intelligence.

For increased motivation in your life and therefore a higher EI make a habit of not just writing down your goals, but visualize them – and visualize the thousand ways that can be presented to you to get there. Your action in this moment, will utimatly get you to your goal. This creates action and determination for the present moment.

In leading a life with clear goals, and having the feeling of motivation to reach them – positive awards as efficacy, time management and happiness will arise in your surroundings, and greatly increase your EI.

4. Be happy!

Very few people know how to handle happiness as it is closely linked to materialistic things as presents or goods. This is a sad reality that can be helped by evolving your EI. We are more used to the feelings of stress, confusion or resentment and on many occasions turn to them simply because that is the most familiar and “used” feelings in our vocabulary.

In raising your EI you train yourself to feel more happy, and as you get more used to the feeling, you are able to keep it for a longer and longer periods of time. Desired side-effects like thankfulness, fascination and humour also become more recognisable feelings that you dear to hold on to for longer periods of time. Happy people are simply more efficient than sad people, so emotional intelligent people have the power to “turn on” their happiness whenever they want to be focused or efficient. Amazing, but true!

5.The work is never done ( luckily!)

You can always increase and evolve your EI – which is a big part of the fun!
When you begin to see your emotions as blocks of viable information that is available to you via excactly – your emotions, not your mind , the liberation has started. There is always great potential of growth and fascination in getting to know yourself. In giving love and happiness to your self, the ones around you and your surroundings will reap the awards. 



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