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6 Common mistakes getting coaching clients part

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What are some of the most common mistakes getting coaching clients? The below are really the main causes of failure among new coaches.

1. Thinking your clients will find you

You don’t need to get your clients; you need to “find” your clients. And clients most certainly do not find you, unless it’s through a referral.

This means it is YOU who needs to approach your client first. Through workshops, speaking engagements, networking, interviews, getting exposure in the media, and asking key individuals for a lunch and coffee appointment.

2. Thinking that operating from your safety cave will help you getting coaching clients

Your own safety cave is your biggest enemy! This is the cave where you only talk to “safe” people in your environment such as friends, family, acquaintances or strangers who approach you first. This is the cave that keeps you at home instead of getting out there finding clients. And of course, problem number 1, the safety cave behind your computer.

You need to get out there! Talking to people, real life interaction, connecting to people, connecting other people so they will connect you. You either need to get into the public eye, or you need to be approaching people (or both.)

3. Thinking people are actively googling for you & will find your website

I find the percentage of people actively googling for life coaches is small. And even if people are googling for a coach, are you showing up in the first 3 results in Google?

You need to get noticed, by actively engaging with people. Consider hiring a professional to get noticed in Google in your local area or target market. Or advertise on Google.

4. Thinking website, social media, newsletter are the full solution

I actually would like to argue that it isn’t until after you have found your potential client and looked them in the eye, that these become the most relevant: when you have sparked the interest of the client already, and they want to do a check on you to see what you have to offer and how you professionally present yourself online.

You need to actively and directly market yourself! Online marketing is considered a tool in support of this, not as a replacement.

5. Presenting yourself to be congruent with the fees you charge when you are getting coaching clients

Many starting coaches think that they need to be accepting of anything less than a stunning website just because they can’t afford a professional. Also in your presentation to the outside world, getting out of the cave, engaging with people in real life means you have to act and look the part.

You need to make sure that everything you present outward ads up logically and that you create a feeling that is congruent with the fees you charge!

6. Buzz words, platitudes and empty calls to action

There is nothing wrong in a sense with buzzwords, platitudes, inspirational quotes etc. But they need to be used properly; they need to be in support of the message you put out there. They should not be *the* message you put out there.

Offer real information and quality content. Buzzwords that we are bombarded with on a daily basis aren’t as effective as you may think they are.

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What are some of the mistakes you made getting coaching clients?

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