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60 Easy goals to achieve happiness

Easy goals

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Easy goals to achieve happiness, could you do 60 of them in a year? Who couldn’t use a little more happiness while setting some easy goals at the same time?!  These goals have been collected by life coach trainer Nicole Schneider from Global NLP Training.

Easy goals to achieve happiness

Easy goals to achieve happiness: fun & recreation

1. Do at least 1 fun activity at work per day, and include your co-workers.

2. Set aside one evening or day a week  as an appointment with yourself to do something you enjoy. This doesn’t involve a computer or TV.

3. List 50 fun activities you could do with your children, nieces & nephews that you would enjoy too.

4. Brain storm with your significant other or a close friend as to what 10 new fun activities you will do in the next 12 months that would create a little burst of happiness for you both.

5. Go to dinner or a movie theater by yourself.

6. Spend more time playing board games or doing fun activities in the park.

7. Organize a pot luck!

8. Pick up a hobby or activity again that you used to enjoy when you were a child or teenager.

9. Learn how to play an instrument.

10. Create a painting without attaching to any other outcome than to have fun.

Easy goals to achieve happiness: health

11. Start eating 70% awesome healthy foods while eating 30% any food you want.

12. Walk more, park you car further away, or get out a stop early.

13. Pick up a sport you used to enjoy when you were a teenager.

14. Start geocaching.

15. Learn how to cook a healthy meal that you never cooked before.

16. Aim to walk at least 10.000 steps a day.

17. Switch from frying food in butter, margarine, olive oil to coconut oil.

18. Visualize gratitude.

19. Download the headspace app and read: Headspace the Guide to Meditation.

20. Turn on your favorite tunes once a week, and dance for 45 minutes as if no one is watching you. A little burst of happiness right there.

Easy goals to achieve happiness: physical environment

21. Find a photo that is symbolic of  happiness for you, and put it in your living room.

22. Improve lighting in your house so each room is adapted to the mood you would most like to have.

23. Let the children you love in your life create a painting, frame it as if it is a piece of your most priceless art, and hang it.

24. Have a dark colored bowl and put bright oranges and fruit in it. Flowers you always watch die, fruit you can at least eat.

25. Create a hook at your door for your keys.  If you already have one, hang a photo next to it of one of your favorite memories.

26. Write inspirational messages for yourself or your loved ones on your bathroom mirror.

27. Burn incense or scented candles.

28. Finish the chores in one room of your house. Or be brave and clear out your storage area.

29. Get one chair in your house that makes you truly feel like a king or queen.

30.  Read this blog on the benefits of becoming a minimalist.

Easy goals to achieve happiness: career & finance

31. Have more fun at work & pull a practical joke on occasion.

32. Take an NLP training:  you get all the personal and business benefits.

33. Read the “Happiness Advantage” or watch this TED video instead on the Happiness Advantage.

34. List, for 21 days, exactly what you spend (take phone pictures of the items you buy if need be,) and see what frivolous items you could do without and how much savings that would be on a yearly basis.

35. Determine your values and check if they are aligned with your work.

36. Stop going to Starbucks or something you do daily, and pocket the money for other things.

37. Be more kind than usual at your place of work for 30 days.

38. What job would you like to have 5 years from now? What stops you from taking that first step now?

39. Find a coach to do a career assessment or personality test with, to see if you are on the right track.

40. Meet with a financial planner and coach.

Easy goals to achieve happiness: personal development & spirituality

41.  Watch this Randy Pausch video: “The Last Lecture.”

42. First thing when you wake up, write on a note pad 3 things you are grateful for, and do this for 30 days.

43. What 10 minute activity could you do at least 5 times a week to connect with your personal development or spirituality?  A goal to set with the intent to increase your happiness.

44. Read this book: “Flow.”

45. Take an NLP training.

46. Do a circle of excellence on yourself.

47. Spend a day by yourself in complete silence walking and enjoying views.

48. Take a meditation, yoga, QiGong, Tai Chi, or Feldenkrais ATM introduction class.

49. Get a coach or a spiritual guidance expert.

50. Read 1 spirituality or personal development book a month.

Easy goals to achieve happiness: family, friends & significant other

51. Write something nice on the bathroom mirror for your significant other each day.

52. Put a motivational note in your kids’ lunch box or school materials.

53. Make time to spend one day with your friends or family on the weekend no matter how busy you are at work.

54. Imagine you were your friend, family member, or significant other, and place your awareness inside their shoes and look at yourself. Who do you see?

55. Ask yourself the question: “How can I be a better significant other in the next 30 days?”

56. Ask yourself the question: “How can I be a better friend or parent in the next 3o days?”

57. Once a month do an activity with friends or family that includes health, fun and perhaps personal development.

58. Attend an empowering training together with your significant other.

59. Spend 30 days putting any friend or family member in a better emotional state as when you found them.

60. Brain storm with a friend or significant other how you can do any of the above goals together.



Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – Carol Dweck, PhD.

Please send us any easy goals to achieve happiness that you wish to share for the next article.

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