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A new NLP meta program?

Meta program

A quality NLP Training school will teach meta programs (which is something different than the Meta Model), usually in NLP Master Practitioner. There are literally 100s of patterns in our deletions, distortions and our generalizations. Any legitimate NLP training program teaches metaprograms, and a good school will demo and properly explain 10 or more programs.

Now these meta programs once collected by co-creators and early developers of NLP, can also be found in various studies pre-dating the existence of NLP. This is not surprising, as these are common patterns that we run. We always encourage our students, to think outside the box. What other meta programs could there also be out there? We for instance find a great consistency in our clients sorting for either blaming others or blaming self. Particularly under stress, when reflecting about a negative event. Another one is does work come before play or it is OK to play any time? Do you live in the past, present or future predominantly in your thinking?

Few people sort completely one way or the other, but there is some predictability as to what preferences a person has. Understanding this in the people you communicate with, can give you another piece of predictability in their behavior. What other consistencies can be found in the deletions, distortions and generalizations outside of the meta programs you have learned as part of your NLP training? And which ones could  you think off on your own?

Especially if you are operating inside a niche market, I think it is important to be able to sort for the key meta programs and also consider thinking about other common patterns people run. For instance, in weight loss coaching towards and away motivation is key depending on how people sort. But I also like to consider if they are emotional eaters or not, and if so if this peaks at certain times of their day or a specific context in their lives.

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