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Applying NLP within 72 hours of your practitioner training


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Global NLP Training recommends applying NLP on another person within 72 hours of  your NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner training. Often times students get cold feet, or feel that they want a read a few more books. NLP is learned best by doing not by reading. And practice on real people and yourself is required to truly achieve mastery.

Over the years I have found a correlation between those students whom applied NLP immediately upon finishing the course, and their success as NLP Practitioners and coaches. The people whom simply got out there. Even if it was just a SWISH pattern, or meta modeling a co-worker as to what they did over the weekend.

Not allowing much distance between the application of the tools and the training room, guarantees solidification of the acquired tools, fuels enthusiasm, and keeps the bubble of your NLP training alive. Reading books, watching videos and attending more seminars isn’t bad, but has to be paired if not come after real life application.

There is no failure only feedback. And if you can do it inside the training room of your NLP training….you can do it at home. Do build rapport.

Your certificate clearly says NLP Practitioner, which means you have to PRACTICE NLP after your training.

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