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Concentration and NLP training


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Concentration can sometimes be a tricky thing, and frequently a topic during NLP training. One moment you become extremely focused and the world literally goes away. And other moments, you are distracted, and you lack focus. Sometimes, when the stakes are high, we require to be super focused and can’t. Our brains are distracted, or occupied with other things.


Internal factors

Thinking of the past or the future, instead of thinking of what is happening right now.

Talking to yourself, this can be negative, or neutral. Positive self talk could reduce concentration, but at least offers help in achieving excellence.

Fear, anxiety, other heightened emotions that take concentration and not facilitating reaching goals.

Being tired.

External factors

Things that visually distract you (objects, open doors, moving, bright colors etc.)

Distracting sounds (talking, music, traffic etc.)

Other people talking poorly to you, which not distract you but cause you to emotionally respond.

Something kinesthetically tactile bothering you (temperature, something or someone touching the skin etc.)How to improve concentration through NLP Training.

NLP Coaching

NLP based coaches whom certified NLP Master Practitioner or higher (with a quality school) can help clients on any of these matters, based on individual need.

Many people are focused on the moment where they need to peak, and then have poor concentration. Though often we can concentrate right on the spot, like a heightened focus that occurs just for that moment and because of that moment. Even a gamma brain wave super focus, where base ball batters see the ball in slow motion for instance. But what if concentration, top performance really is a matter of preparation? Starts with days of leading up to an event, eating right, sleeping well, study or practice. What about getting up in the morning, and putting yourself mentally in the right pace. For instance when I know I am going to be doing a demo of a big NLP or timeline technique in class it is a top sport, we have a very high responsibility as an NLP Master Practitioner or trainer. I go to bed early,  wake up at 6 to ground myself, meditate and exercise.

How can taking an NLP training be beneficial for concentration?

How can taking NLP Training be beneficial, providing you do so with a quality training company:

Setting anchors on yourself (touch, a word etc), or the capability to step in to a spatial anchor. (NLP Practitioner.)

Turning negative self talk in to positive self talk (NLP Practitioner + NLP Master Practitioner training.)

Stepping in to the right perceptual position, new behavior generator (NLP Practitioner.)

Basically telling your brain to STOP and focus, visualize a stop sign, say stop etc.

Using TOTE strategies to switch on (NLP Practitioner.)

Do a modeling project of someone excellent and whom works concentrated at a given take (NLP Master Practitioner.)

Practicing being in uptime and in the present (NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.)

Removing limits created in the past (NLP Master Practitioner.)

Stepping in to the future outcome (NLP Master Practitionrer.)

Submodalities (NLP Practitioner.)

Parts integration (NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner.)

Core work (NLP Master Practitioner.)


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