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How to get customers for life coaching – part 1

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Table of Contents

How to get customers for life coaching…..or not get them.

1.  Overestimating the size of your network

Assuming your network of potential customers whom will buy services is bigger than it actually is.

Solution:  take action on enlarging your network.

2. A website isn’t enough to get customers for life coaching

You may think putting up a website online is enough, and people will automatically find your page.

A) Understand that your website is a portfolio of your services to anyone you give your website address to,

B) you may get some clients whom stumble in googling specifically for your services (our experience it requires more effort)

C) marketing of your website is required for people to go to it (this will take many hours of your time, and is a topic all by itself.)

3. Branding

Thinking that any website, business card, brochure, or logo will do.

A) Understand that the quality of your website/business card/logo are to people a reflection of the quality of your services,

B) Assume that high quality made materials can not be made free of charge.

C) Understand some sort of professional needs to get involved.

D) Get the right professionals involved. Global NLP Training often gets requests for help from starting life coaches whom literally waisted 1000s of dollars on the wrong professionals.

4. Taking people for their word wrongly

Assuming all the people who tell you during marketing research that they will love to buy your service, are actually speaking the truth.

A) When someone says they would love to purchase your services, immediately sell the service right there and then. Set your expectations for the future accordingly.

B) Assume that you need to build a bigger network.

5. Social media

Twitter, facebook, blog away and the customers will come. It’s easy to set up after all.

Solution: Indeed it is easy to create an account for social media, or write a blog. We recommend you research specifically “how” you should start to target your efforts from a sound online marketing point of view.

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