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How to rekindle your new year’s resolution using NLP

Rekindle new year's resolution using NLP

How do you rekindle your new year’s resolution using NLP knowing that 80% of us have already failed by February.  This can be due to a variety of factors, including setting unrealistic goals, lack of motivation, and not having a clear plan for achieving the resolution. 

How to rekindle your new year’s resolution using NLP

Transcript: how to rekindle your new year’s resolutions using NLP.

Hi from the Los Angeles, Venice Beach. I want to talk to you about the epic fails of our New Year’s resolutions.  And do you know the percentage of the amount of people that already failed by February 1st? Research has been done several times. Latest that I have seen is by Forbes Magazine who were interviewing their readers, have you quit already. And it turns out by February 1st 80% of us have already quit our New Year’s resolutions.

How do you rekindle your new year’s resolution using NLP?

Well, that leads me to the question, why don’t I set any New Year’s resolution. Is it because of that 80%? No, not really. I know how to goal set. I’ve been covering it on this channel multiple times over, so I recommend that you look to our other videos. But one thing is is when I’m really committed about a goal, yes, I do really prepare. So I may not start my goal right away because I need to prepare, because I may need to get some materials, maybe I need to reflect, journal, whatever it is, but when I really want something I’m not going to wait until January 1st. I’m actually going to start when I am prepared, when I have goal set, when I lit up my brain like a Christmas tree, my neural pathways lit up like a Christmas tree, using NLP, using all the tools that I teach.

So what is one thing that I contribute as being one of the reasons why 80% of us fail is not that we don’t know how to goal-set but it’s I think… it has to do a lot with this January 1st thing. It doesn’t sound to me like a person is truly passionate or in it for the long haul. And the only way that we can achieve our goals in the long haul is that we set the right goals of course, the ones that increase our positive emotions, our engagement and flow, feelings, positive relationships, meaning and purpose, achievement and accomplishment, and especially in this pandemic going on I think that the relationship piece is really important as well, that our goals don’t harm our connections with others even further.

Now I think that once we do set goal we need to make sure that the process towards reaching needs to be enjoyable, it needs to bring positive emotions. And what we often do is we want to do things to reach a goal as quickly as possible but we hate to do that activity. This doesn’t work.

So I’ll give you an example. I had some hormonal issues, things were going on, I needed to get my body back on track, I’m aging and all that stuff. I want to say “crap” but it’s all that stuff. Anyway… So I used to be a big gym rat. Six days a week in the gym, lifting weights three times a week, cardio five times a week. We’d be doing Feldenkrais. I would be doing even exercise on the beach here. I would be doing all those different things.

And injury after injury I hate doing it. I don’t like the environment. I don’t like the energy. And so I in terms of working out, in terms of cardio and also strength work, I decided to come up with my own routine right now. And so cardio, I actually do in VR, virtual reality, in an amazing game called Supernatural which is about music and dance movements or dance-like movements. I’m not a big dancer. And you’re projected all over the world doing it. And I love doing it. Even some of my former students are on it. So definitely check it out, https://www.getsupernatural.com/, if you are in the US or Canada. And so I like doing that. I love doing it. I like showing up for it. And so I’m more likely to actually do that than go to the gym. And I’ve been doing Supernatural for years consistently at this point.

So how can you spice your goal up in terms of lighting up the brain with positive emotions so it becomes more attractive to do that, and second of all how can you create a little bit more accountability. It doesn’t mean that you need to have a workout body although that could be a lot of fun for you. Could you find a person that you can send an email to, let’s say weekly, to kind of bump up your accountability there and to sort of report if you’ve done it or not.

Okay, so that was my little take about… for the 80% of you that have already failed your New Year’s resolutions.

How would you about rekindling your new year’s resolution using NLP?



Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth, Ph.

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