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How to Use NLP and the Law of Attraction

How to use NLP and the law of attraction

How to Use NLP and the law of attraction

How to use NLP and the law of attraction together?

NLP training, how to program the subconscious mind for the Law of Attraction. That’s a question that I got in. First of all, what is the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction is kind of a fairly new concept though popularized by books and movies like The Secret, and from Abraham-Hicks, and it’s about well, you becoming what you think about. So, if you think about positive outcomes, positive emotions, positive things, that’s what you’re going to attract in your life. But when you do that about the negative, then you get that in your life.

Here’s the problem though. People thing well, I’ll just create a vision board and I’ll think about it for ten minutes very hard and that’s enough. Well, it isn’t. First of all, what are you doing throughout the rest of your day? If you’re stressed out and negative and having conflicts and having busy thoughts about your work that you don’t like, your relationship you don’t like, gossiping with other people, that’s what you’re inherently going to get more of.

NLP Training offers these tools where you can switch your negative to positive emotions, to learn how to set goals in a way that lights up your brain, to remove fears and phobias for instance. But we do much more than that.

So how do you use your conscious mind to program it, to facilitate the law of attraction? Well first of all if you want to truly light up the brain, to really program the subconscious mind rather than thinking about yourself in the future and let’s say looking at yourself, well in NLP we call that dissociation. You don’t get the feelings; the brain doesn’t light up. You can study yourself and analyze what things would be like when you get there, but there is no spark in the brain.

What do you need to do then? What you need to do is this: you step into your future self, the person that you want to become, but you imagine it looking through your own eyes so you can see what you would see, you can hear what you would hear, and you can feel what you would feel. You make this as real as possible. Who specifically is there with you? What sounds are there? What visions are there? What would people be saying to you? What would you be saying to yourself inside your own head?

You can tweak this a little bit more. You can add a little bit more programming into your subconscious mind to use the Law of Attraction. What if you made this image bigger, brighter, closer, more vivid? What if you turn it into a movie rather than a still picture, or maybe the other way around if a picture works better for you? What would happen if you increase the volume of that experience to make it more intense, to create surround sound in your mind? This makes a huge difference.

Can you also pinpoint, let’s say the emotion, and sort of find that emotion, how that displays inside your body, and augment it and lift that up even more? That’s when you start to get a spark inside your brain, that’s when you start to actually carry that outcome, that positive thing, throughout your day. Do this enough and it becomes automatic because we’re learners. The brain starts to maybe notice things in the environment in a different way, gets a different filter let’s say. By doing this you are getting the best out of NLP and using the subconscious mind to program yourself for the Law of Attraction.

I do recommend taking an NLP Training course in an environment where the Law of Attraction can be talked about, so that would be NLP training where it’s okay to talk about what are the values, what is the foundation that you stand on, identity, connection to purpose and meaning. I’m very much a promoter of that. That’s why I keep my classes intentionally very small.

And hi from Bali, one of our training destinations. Hope to see you over here in Bali or Los Angeles, maybe in Miami or in Amsterdam. So that was the answer to the question I got, “what about NLP training and programming your subconscious mind to use the Law of Attraction.” Keep those questions coming and I’ll see you soon.



Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t – Michael Losier


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