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Is someone visual, auditory, or kinesthetic? | NLP training

Visual auditory kinesthetic

Is someone visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?  Usually people find this answer for themselves during their NLP training. How do you spot it in someone else?

Do you prefer to listen, see or feel? If someone asked you that question then your response would probably come with ease. But what if the question was a bit deeper like ‘What’s your primary mode of learning?’ It might have left you scratching your head, leaving you to wonder what it had to do with auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning styles. 

Is someone visual, auditory or kinesthetic? – NLP Training

Video transcript:  Is someone visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?

Students often ask me how I know if my client is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic, which is usually a question that I reveal throughout the training to them when they start.

So yeah, of course you can listen for the predicates, visual, auditory, or kinesthetic words. You can watch their eye accessing. Someone who’s visual will do more visual eye accessing. Someone who’s more auditory will do more auditory eye accessing, and somebody who’s kinesthetic will do a lot of kinesthetic eye accessing. So those are two ways to finding out.

Inside NLP training I also do little exercises by which you can find out if somebody is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. You’ll find that someone has an increased sensory acuity ability to notice things in the environment that they would either see, hear, or feel.

Another cool thing that I like to do inside the NLP training is I ask my students to observe or notice three things in the room. Notice that these are nondescript, unspecified predicates, three things that they haven’t noticed or observed before. What you’ll find is the visual people will look for visual things, auditory people will look for auditory things, and kinesthetic people will notice things like temperature changes, energy changes, or things like that.



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