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Most common mistakes Learning the NLP swish pattern – part 2


Table of Contents

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What are the cost common mistakes learning NLP SWISH pattern

11. Not checking if the client understood what they had to do.

12. Not understanding that there is a positive intention in place for the client to keep the problem (secondary gain.)

13. Not enough rapport.

14. Not enough information gathering to know if the SWISH pattern should be applied.

15. Telling the client to white the screen, creates resistance in a client who usually by default would black the screen. Or vice versa.   The NLP Practitioner is to tell the client to blank the screen.

16. Involving unicorns, rainbows and backgrounds in either image. It is wiser to set a SWISH up neutral, as in no background at all.

17. The student fails to test their work.

18. Spends too much time letting the client build the first image, especially when this is upsetting.

19. The student isn’t in a congruent confident state doing the pattern.

20. The NLP Trainer should have explained it better. ;-

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