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NLP: How to set an auditory anchor?

set auditory anchor

How to set an auditory anchor using NLP? Typically inside an NLP training a kinesthetic anchoring is taught. But are there ways to set auditory anchors too.

 An auditory anchor is a powerful tool that helps set the tone of conversation and ensure success in any situation. It can be used to influence, motivate and persuade people into action. 

NLP: How to set an auditory anchor

Transcript: how to set an auditory anchor

After finishing a Global NLP Training over in Bali, Indonesia, I was asked a question about how to set an auditory anchor. Well, you may remember a few from the training. For instance, when somebody asks a question and the answer is coming later in the course, we would say the answers are contained within the course. Or, when someone asks critical questions then we would say trust the process. It’s going to happen, you’re going to get it, you’re going to experience it, you’re going to change pieces within yourself, right? Or, when somebody asks a question and we’d rather have you experience it, I would say “perhaps” as an answer.

Other ones that you may remember are things like anytime you have to select someone to work with I would say pick someone you don’t like the look of or pick someone you do like the look of. Or one that I get a lot of amusement from is saying when I’m explaining things like negative self-talk I would say “especially one of you, and you know who you are.” Those are all auditory anchors. They’re certain words or sentences that you say in a certain tonality by which you can actually anchor, especially when you have elicited a state.

Even without much state elicitation, repeating the same answer, the same word or sentence over and over, you’ll end up anchoring it. In my case I tend to anchor it to the experience, which is an elicitation in itself, an experience of the training itself. And I know that any time my students around the world think of Global NLP Training they often think about these sentences. They often see it on Facebook, the answers are contained within the course, or when they hear someone say something similar they think of Global NLP Training.
So I hope this answers your questions.


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