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NLP master: chunking down

NLP Master Chunking Down

What about NLP Master Practitioner techniques? I was asked to post more stuff exclusive to those who want to learn more advanced tools.

NLP Master practitioners understand the importance of connection to source, purpose and meaning. NLP is a powerful tool for ensuring such connections are maintained, as it helps practitioners identify patterns and chunk data points into more applicable ideas that can be acted upon more practically. 

NLP master chunking down

Transcript: NLP Master – chunking down:

So now you have chunked up the client into the core state and you let them enjoy the core state. Now why would you want to chunk down from this moment onward? That allows you to create a positive healing, let’s say, into the lower level values. Those include, at that end, the positive intent, including the negative behavior or the un-resourceful state.

So what you do is you say “I want you to take core value and then go one level below that. Let’s call that Level A. I want you to take core value into Level A, and let it fully and completely transform Level A. I want you to notice how Level A becomes even more powerful as a result of when core value is fully and completely at the foundation of it, propelling it forward. I want you to take the core state into Level B, and I want you to fully and completely allow it to transform Level B. I want you to take core value and let it fully and completely transform Level, or value, C. And I want you to notice that when Level A and Level B, as well as the core value, are at the foundation of Level C, you can fully and completely transform that even further.

You take it all the way back down to the positive intention and then eventually you go way back down into the negative behavior, the un-resourceful feeling, etc. So this is how you flip to the positive intent, chunk it up, enjoy the core states, and take it back down into the negative behavior and the un-resourceful feeling.

Now, as you know, in the core change process that I also teach (as well as parts integration) where it’s technically only a chunk up, I then also put it on a timeline. It’s an amazing piece, just this chunking up, the core state, with or without chunking down. It’s an amazing little piece that you can use in many, many designs, whether you do it on the timeline or not.



Falling Upward: A Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life – Richard Rohr


Chunking-up into the core state using NLP

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