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NLP stress reduction technique

stress reduction

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NLP stress reduction technique, is there something more unique you can do? For yourself, as well as helping or coaching others?

NLP offers many tools that can help with stress reduction. A former student of our NLP training in Los Angeles asked me: “what technique do you use to reduce your overall stress?”

Honestly, generally speaking, I am not that stressed. This is because I not only use NLP a lot, but also meditate daily. On days that stress hits me harder based on the circumstances of my day, I do the following NLP stress reduction technique I developed.

NLP stress reduction technique

1. I imagine sitting inside a rowboat in the middle of a lake.

2. Looking through my own eyes, I makes this experience as real and as calming as possible. I imagine what I would see, hear, and feel.

3. I imagine slowly being rocked, the sounds being so soothing that there is a small grey fog exiting my body with each and every exhale.

4. When the last puff releases from my body, I imagine breathing in the mist of calmness that hovers over the lake. It is white. With each breath, I feel calmer. Not just more relaxed, but cleaner and fresher.

5. I adjust my breathing to facilitate this process.

6. I imagine seeing stepping stones from the boat to the shore. (I avoid being able to tell how many stepping stones there are in the end)

7. Looking at the first stone, I either intuitively (unconsciously) or logically figure out what step I need to take to start navigating the obstacle. The action I need to take, and that I am required to complete or navigate to get around the challenge or obstacle. The “plan.” This is a technique I have taken from the WOOP method created by Gabriella Oettingen, the world-leading positive psychologist when it comes to goal setting.

8. I create a hologram of myself doing the action that appears on the stone.

9. I imagine stepping into the hologram. I imagine what I would see, hear, and feel while doing this action.

10. I repeat this with the next stones and whatever actions need to happen next.

11. Once all steps or obstacles are navigated, I am on the shore. And I open my eyes.

This NLP technique for stress reduction I designed based on things that I know work for me, but are also based on science. Enjoy!



Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation – Gabriella Oettingen, Ph.D

Resilient: How to Grow an Unshakable Core of Calm, Strength, and Happiness – Rick Hanson, Ph.D


NLP technique to reduce stress during the holidays (this technique also works in other contexts.)

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