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NLP technique to prepare yourself for the post-pandemic world

NLP technique post-pandemic

NLP technique for the post-pandemic world?

Since I am in Mexico awaiting the NLP training here in April, I have a little more time to observe what people are currently doing. In their private life, their business, their work. And I have noticed people are often in either a relatively passive mode waiting for life to get back to normal or survive the challenges that todays world brings.

Fair enough, some of us need to survive and take care of the here and now.

I am all for focusing on the present, but these are extraordinary times. We need to get ready for our future. To not waste any time. When I made the video below, I was thinking of creating some real techniques around it.

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NLP Technique for the Post-Pandemic World – Part 1

A future pace goes a long way. It is essential you light-up your neuro-pathways just like the top business people do, top athletes and other high-flyers.

Placing your awareness in your future self, looking through your own eyes. See what you would see, hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel.

Do this technique:

1. 3 months from now.

2. 6 months from now.

3. 1 year from now.

4. 2 years from now.

  1. 5 years from now.

NLP Technique for the Post-Pandemic World – Part 2

Float your awareness out of your body and see yourself 10 years from now. Observe yourself like a professor, a scientist, from a non-emotional place. 

Reflect on how specifically the pandemic and the time after positively affected yourself? What it allowed you to become as a result of it.

What specifically were you doing in the last stretch of the pandemic?

(Optional: repeat part 1 based on the lessons learned in part 2.)

I am currently working on a series of products that have relevance to the post-pandemic world. The extended version of this technique, demonstrations, and coaching forms will be included. If you wish to remain up to date on the release of these products, drop us a note. 



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