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Practice the NLP meta model – lesson 3

Meta model

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Practice the NLP Meta Model Lesson 1
Practice the NLP Meta Model Lesson 2

Practice the NLP meta model lesson 3

We are now going to add a few extra NLP Meta Model questions:

1. Compared to what or whom? (Listen for comparative words such as superior, better, more etc.)

2. According to whom?

3. What would happen if you did, didn’t, could,  etc?

Exercise 6

1. Find an iPhone user who just bought or plans to buy the iPhone 7 or the new apple watch.

2. Ask the above meta model questions in relation to the device.

3. Be sure to test them on our model phone.

Exercise 7

1. Spot a moment where someone needs you to do something for them, or a moment where you have to determine any kind of requirement.

2. Meta model them on exactly what they want.

Exercise 8

1. When someone brings up a problem to you.

2. Meta model their problem to any meta model question out of the previous exercises you that jump into your mind.

3. Then meta model them on the solution.

Now you probably understand how you can easily invent exercises to practice the meta model.



Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth, Ph.D


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