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Supercharging your listening skills using the NLP meta model

Listening skills NLP

Improving your listening skills using the NLP meta model will absolutely sky-rocket your communication abilities. Listening is an important skill to have in any field. It is also pivotal in all of our relationships.

We did a small video series about listening skills using NLP, see the other links below. 

In this lesson we will include the Meta-model to to enhance your listening skills with NLP.

Supercharging your listening skills using the NLP Meta Model


How do you improve your listening skills using NLP? Tip number two. Okay, so what’s another way of really improving your listening skills? Well, it’s a fun exercise. When you listen to people talk, they are not presenting much information. What would happen if you pretended as if you were this detective or interviewer who needs to find out all the important information or something like that

So if you listen to another person and start to imagine, can I create an image or a movie of whatever this person is selling me? Can I make a movie with sound, with visuals? Maybe even give me emotion?. Can you create that movie when someone else talks or tells a story? If the answer is no, then you don’t have enough information.

Or if you think you’re creating your own interpretation of what they’re saying, your movie, rather than their actual life, you’re also missing the boat. So when you listen to someone, pay attention. What visual, auditory, or kinesthetic information do you get? And if you don’t get a lot, the problem is that there’s not enough detail in what is presented. How can you best get that information?

Well, other than having your curiosity detective hat on is by asking:
“Who specifically? What specifically, and how specifically” So any time there is this vague statement, you can drill that down the funnel to get more information. You can also literally go: “Well, what specifically do you see? What specifically do you hear?”

“What specifically do you feel? What would it be like if I had to be you? Going to your job.? ” Let’s say someone is telling a story about their job: : If I had to be you and I had to have your job, and I would go on a Monday to tend to all your responsibilities, what would I be doing?” You know.

So those are all questions that you could be asking. So follow the curiosity line. Next week, tip number three. I am on Venice Beach right now, in Los Angeles, one of our training locations, one of our live training locations. We also have online training. Other training locations are Bali and Miami and Amsterdam, and Mexico.

So if you’re interested in training with us, go to our website, Find out more. See you around.



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Improving your listening skills using NLP

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