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Using eye movement to stop negative thoughts

Negative thoughts

Using eye movement to stop negative thoughts, is that even a possibility? Find out.

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In previous articles we discussed how to quickly spot negative thoughts, and how to move someone out of these thoughts. Now we will focus on the concept of eye movement (NLP: Eye Accessing) in relation to negative thoughts and emotions.

Using eye movement to stop negative thoughts

Simplistically speaking when we are having thoughts and emotions, we move our eyes downward. We do so because we need to move our eyes to specific locations to use the parts of the brain where thoughts and emotions come from. This includes those parts that produce negative thoughts and negative emotions.

Our eyes habitually most of the time, with the tendency to want to follow anything that moves, such as when someone quickly points we automatically feel like we need to look into that direction.

Step 1:

If you take your finger, or a pen, and you point it into the location where their eyes are currently looking, which is downwards as I explained. Then, quickly move your finger or your pen up to the left or right.

If you move your finger or pen up quickly to your right (their left), you pull their brain into the visual memory part of their brain.

If move your finger or pen up quickly to your left (their right) you pull their brain to the part of the brain they use to create or imagine.

Step 2:

If you have moved your finger or pen up to your right (their left), then ask about a positive memory and have them talk about this.
If you have moved your finger or pen up to your left (their right), then ask what they could do instead to solve this issue, what would happen if they do it, or some other positive option.

This is an easy way –especially in conjunction with the suggestions from the previous articles– to use the eyes in helping someone through negative thoughts.



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