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What is the Most Affordable Place to Do a Live NLP Training?

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A question I am often asked relates to what the least expensive place to do a live NLP training is. Of course, quality matters. As does the capability and reputation of your NLP trainer and school.

What students often don’t realize is that holding a training in the meeting room of a corporate chain hotel in a large city is really one of the worst things you can do if you want to have a meaningful and effective NLP training. Trust me, I have done NLP training in the centers of Boston, San Diego, Miami, London, and Miami. It’s just the wrong energy. Plastic. Flat. Uninspiring.

NLP training in or near nature – That’s where it’s at!

We train in:

1. Bali: In a villa in a small quiet village, in the spiritual center of the island near one of the top-rated hiking treks on the island.
2. Los Angeles: In a penthouse beach condo at the ocean.
3. Mexico: In an ocean-front villa in the Riviera Maya.
4. Amsterdam: In an art studio across from the park.

As an NLP training company, we need to not just stay competitive in the industry as a whole, but we also cannot have the Mexico and Bali training compete with our Amsterdam and Los Angeles NLP training.

The Cheapest NLP Training in Los Angeles and Amsterdam

If you are bringing a friend to the training, it may surprise you that Los Angeles, and Amsterdam, are the most affordable places to do your NLP training with us. To remain competitive with our other training destinations where accommodations are relatively inexpensive, we have instituted a bring-a-friend discount for our NLP training in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

For 600 dollars or Euros, you can bring a friend and share the expense of a hotel room in Amsterdam, or a room in our training location in Los Angeles.

The Most Affordable NLP Training for Students from the USA, Canada, South & Latin America

Our NLP training in Mexico is the safest financial bet for most North and South American students.

We train in a quiet, charming little fishing town that is only 35 minutes by car from Cancun Airport but feels like a million miles away from the hustle and bustle of the overly touristic areas. It’s a hidden jewel! Cancun is a hub for many discounted and direct flights from all over the USA, Canada, and South and Latin America. If you make a point to track flight prices, you are bound to find a great deal. (I use an app called Hopper for this.)

Students can stay inside the training venue for as little as $50/night, for all 17 nights!

Mexico can accommodate every possible food budget and dietary requirement there is. You can find anything from $1.50 tacos with the locals (the best you’ll ever have!), to sophisticated, high-end cuisine. There is also a wide variety of high-quality, affordable cafes and restaurants that specialize in vegetarian/vegan cuisine and health-conscious food. Or, if you decide to do your own cooking, you can take a short stroll from the training villa up to the town square, where there is a very nice grocery store (it even has a sushi bar inside!). Just across the square and next to the fruiteria, there’s a spot where you can pick up seafood from the fishermen who just caught it. Can’t beat that for freshness!

Is it cheaper to take an NLP training in the US or Mexico?

Unless you are a local Angeleno or know someone in the area who is, and they are willing to take you in and spare you the expense of Los Angeles accommodations, you may be better off going to Mexico or even Bali. It’s worth noting though, that unless your LA accommodations are within walking distance of the training location, there may be significant transportation expenses to consider.

If you are more than a walk away, the best-case scenario is that you have your own car (or the free use of someone else’s). In which case, parking will cost you around $12/day. Alternatively, if you are staying within Los Angeles proper, a rideshare like Uber will easily set you back somewhere between $30-$50 one way during rush hour. You can safely double that price for the suburbs. A trip to nearby Santa Monica will cost about $15 each way.

An average compact car rental is around $60/day – plus parking.

Los Angeles isn’t exactly known for their excellent (or even adequate) public transport, but it may still be a viable option depending on your route. No matter how you make your commute, unless you are within walking distance, there is no escape from the traffic! Plan for a 10-mile trip to take an hour before and after class.

Bali versus Mexico?

To be sure that Mexico is the most affordable for you, check for flight prices to Bali as well. Something to consider is how much time you will lose in transit, as well as the effects of flying in and entering the training right away with jet lag. Of course, if you’ve got the time and budget for it, you could always fly in early to recover from the journey. After all, Bali isn’t exactly awful. Neither is Mexico, though! It’s also worth considering that in Bali, the rooms in the training villa start at $600 for 17 nights, and breakfast and lunch prepared by our amazing villa staff is included. In Mexico, rooms in the training villa start at $900 for 17 nights, and you are on your own for all of your meals.

The Most Cost-Friendly NLP Training for Students from Europe

From a financial perspective, the best choice for most European students is to do their NLP training in Bali. The only exception would be for students who don’t need to pay for accommodations in Amsterdam. With rooms in the training villa available at such an affordable rate that’s inclusive of breakfast and lunch, your biggest expense is the airfare. Once you’re there, you’ll be amazed (and thrilled) at the low prices and how far your money will go, relative to home.

The Cheapest NLP Training for Students from Australia, New Zealand and Asia

This is easy. Without a shadow of a doubt, it is Bali. For the same reason as Europeans. Because of the proximity and more affordable airfare, they would have to be crazy to train in a city rather than jump at the chance to make it the best and most relaxing experience possible.

Students from All Other Regions

If you think your only affordable or realistic opportunity to train with a quality school or top-tier trainer requires you to be in a stale hotel meeting room with bad lighting, uncomfortable chairs, and terrible coffee, I really encourage you to research the Mexico and Bali training. They are both surprisingly affordable and accessible.

1. For both, almost all nationalities can easily obtain visas, whereas the USA and Europe have stricter immigration laws and might require extensive documentation and interviews at the embassy.
2. Check flights.
3. Check available rooms inside our training venue.
4. Check on the bring-a-friend discount of $600 or 600 Euros.
5. Take into consideration that Bali includes lunch and breakfast.
6. Taxis are cheap in both locations, but the airport transfer from Cancun to the training venue is $70. (On the way back it is about half this amount) Bali costs about $25 each way.
7. If you enjoy a high-quality cocktail or glass of wine and are expecting a deal, Bali is not your friend. When you do find them, they’re going to cost you! (Because of import tax.)
8. Dinner on Bali is half the price of where we train in Mexico, very broadly speaking. (Although there are equally inexpensive options as well as top-tier restaurants in both places.).

Conclusion: What is the Most Affordable NLP Training?

All things considered, unless you are bringing a friend or are local to one of our other training destinations, overall our most affordable NLP training is magical, beautiful Bali. And the best thing is that you don’t have to sacrifice a thing by sparing your bank account. It kind of makes it hard to find a good reason not to go, right?


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