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Why do we get so many great students in NLP class?

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Why do we get so many great students in NLP class?

People ask me all the time, “why do we get so many great students in NLP class?” I believe that’s not something that happened by accident. When I started Global NLP Training, I realized that it was very different from having a small coaching business where it was more about me. When I started Global NLP Training, I realized that marketing needed to be involved, as well as staff and choice of locations.

Instead of just creating a business plan, I created a values plan. For those people who trained with me in NLP Master Practitioner, we teach a questioning process by which your unconscious values that are not in your immediate awareness can be made conscious.

Now those values are actually the foundation that we stand on. That’s how we can create happiness in our own life. That’s how we get to lead a life that matters, however that expresses itself for each and every individual person. Knowing my own values, values like integrity, change, a passion for change, personal evolution, fun, connection, love, those are things that are very important to me.

If I want to go to work with people that I like to hang out with, that I would befriend, I need to make sure that those people are in line with the values, not necessarily the same values, but for sure not in conflict with them. Especially when it comes to my amazing Operational Manager Jacqueline and my trainers, the people in front of the room, they need to live and breathe those values, and that means that I hire on that as well. I’ve also let people go, not because they were against my values, in fact I love and care about them deeply in most cases, but their own personal evolution could only happen outside of the company.

Now the commonality in all our messages, the way that I designed the program, the way that our phone calls are answered, and the website, everything has that common message. Either people respond to that message or not.

Sometimes we do get phone calls either for really big projects or from a potential student, and if we believe that what they want to have inside the training room is something that we don’t offer or that project is against my own values … Especially integrity is a really important piece in that, and also having some personal balance within the amount of work that I do as well which is global, I want to make sure that all of that conforms.

I believe that that’s the reason that we get those people inside the training room who really belong there, who have that same drive for evolution, for leading a life that matters, for wanting to learn, wanting to teach, in some cases wanting to heal either themselves or other people. Because of that common message I believe that that’s how that amazing group of people comes together again and again and again.


Why do we get so many great students in NLP class?

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