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Why do we think better when we walk?

Think better when we walk

Why do we think better when we walk? In the below training video I will explain the neurological and scientific reasons why walking and exercising can help us generate better thinking, ideas an help us discover solutions to problems.

Why do we think better when we walk?

Video transcript:

So why do walking and exercising help us to generate new ideas, and come up with solutions to complex problems? It has a neurological reason, a scientific reason. First, you need to know how we process information and solve problems. One, we take in information and think about it, analyze it, and are logical about it.

We are processing the information and its pros and cons. You get the idea. Often the type of thinking and problem-solving we do when we are anxious. We’re feeling the pain impulse of having this problem. So that’s what we then automatically go to. A second way of problem-solving is by having a light bulb or an “aha” moment, and there are specific things that we can do to get into this space.

One of them, I already discussed in another video, which talked about taking a shower as an idea incubator. Another way of doing it, and I recommend it for those of you who are coaches, is walking and exercising. Have you ever considered taking your client on a walk? Have you ever considered doing personal development yourself, taking a walk, or exercising?

So what happens when we’re walking and moving? Well, one, if we do it in nature, it releases feelings like awe, it releases endorphins, the happy chemical. If we do it in the gym or something like that, we release endorphins. That allows us to have positive emotions, be more open, be more flexible, be more creative, and be more able to think outside of the box.

And that is why when we walk and exercise, we have such great benefits from that. Consider also from a coaching perspective or taking a friend for a walk who’s struggling with something and you’re actually not making eye contact. And you’re walking in the same direction, maybe looking at something beautiful.

Notice what that movement, that looking in the same direction, that space of beauty, not having to look someone in the eye, how that even really significantly can increase your coaching session. Or talk to a person that you care a lot for. We have live training; we have online training.

Live training takes place on Bali, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Mexico, and online training takes place in Joshua Tree pre-taped. We have tons of great products. Um, there’s an NLP hub GOING LIVE SOON. Check it out



Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman , Ph.D,

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Why do we think better in the shower?

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