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3 NLP techniques to fix small fears


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If I had to pick 3 NLP techniques to fix small fears what would they be? During my NLP training, I teach several techniques that allow my students to eliminate fears and phobias alongside anxiety and stress.

I created two NLP techniques a while back to use on my clients, and inside this blog post I want to teach you another technique that isn’t often taught. Feel free to use them on yourself or others. I wouldn’t use this on fear with a higher than 5 intensity level, assuming 1 is no fear at all and 10 is phobic. If you are interested in learning how to coach fears over a level 5, I suggest you contact our back office. We have both live & online NLP training available that will teach you how to work with anxiety, fears, and phobias.

NLP technique to fix small fears 1

Step 1: Float your awareness out of your body, and see yourself. You are now dissociated, an observer, a place of no emotion. Leave your feelings inside your body as you float out.

Step 2: From this place of non-emotion, realistically notice what is going on if you were to play the movie of your memory. What specifically do you learn?

Step 3: Keep playing the movie until you are at a place after the fearful event when you were no longer afraid and moved on from it.

Step 4: Play the movie again and override the sound with a happy or silly song. Alternatively, something that makes you feel motivated, strong, and confident.

Step 5: Turn the movie into a black and white photograph.

Step 6: Turn the photograph into a painting.

Step 7: Make the painting smaller and smaller while at the same time putting it further into the distance.

Step 8: When the painting is far into the distance, dim it. Until it blacks out.

Step 9: Do the steps again but faster. Do it as fast as you can.

NLP technique to fix small fears 2

Put a picture of what you are afraid of in your mind, this can be with or without sound. Make it larger. And larger. And larger and larger. To the point that it makes unrealistically large, maybe even comical.

You can watch the NLP training video below, explaining this technique:

NLP technique to fix small fears 3

Locate the fear inside your body.

Ask the feeling through your intuition: “What is it trying to help you do?” Maybe it is to keep you safe.

If the feeling moves: slow it down until it stops.

If the feeling feels like a stuckness or an object: remove it.

Pretend as-if, the opposite of fear, is right in front of you. Does it look like anything? Does it have a color? Does it sound like anything? If I were to touch it, would it feel like anything? Does it have texture or a temperature? Is it moving or still?

Can you augment it somehow?

Now imagine you can float this slowly inside of your body. First, place it behind your eyebrows? Then in your throat? The solar plexus? Right above your belly button? Your ankles? Is there a location inside your body where you prefer this to be?

If you are one of my students, what NLP techniques have you designed since class to fix small fears?


NLP is an invaluable tool for overcoming small fears and unlocking potential.  We do recommend hiring an NLP coach to perform these techniques.



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