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NLP technique for fear

NLP technique for fear

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This NLP technique for fear is one that I turned into a video a long time ago, as a former student was stumped with a client. As part of our post-course support, we answer questions by video. In this blog post, I will write down the steps for you as well.

Please note that this exercise is not for phobias or very large fears. In fact, I would start under an intensity level of 6 (where 10 is phobic), and stick to someone who can visualize pretty well.

NLP technique for fear

The NLP technique for fear is also explained in the video below.

Step 1: Imagine an image of that thing you are afraid of. You want to project it in your mind’s eye as if you are looking through your own eyes. You are “associated,” as we call it in NLP, where you experience the feelings as you (re)experience the representation inside the brain. This is the opposite of being dissociated (observer) where you see yourself. It doesn’t matter if the image is moving or still.

Step 2: Make the image larger.

Step 3: And larger.

Step 4: Keep on going.

Step 5: As large as the whole room.

Step 6: Beyond the borders of this room, the whole building.

Step 7: 5 Miles/kilometers.

Step 8: As big as the entire country.

Step 9: World, universe.

Much like a state elicitation, in this NLP technique for fear you will find that the emotion first intensifies. Then for most people the image A) neutralizes, B) becomes funny or ridiculous, C) the image disappears or something else happens.


To further play with this NLP technique for fear, you can also work with brightness. This is when as the image becomes larger, it also becomes brighter. At the end, the image is not only too big, it also completely whites out.



The Chemistry of Calm: A Powerful, Drug-Free Plan to Quiet Your Fears and Overcome Your Anxiety – Henry Emmons, MD

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