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5 NLP techniques to reduce your stress during the holidays

NLP techniques to reduce stress

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NLP techniques to reduce your stress during the holidays, do they exist?

For many of us the holidays are a source of stress for many different reasons: family, strained relationships, loss,  shopping, finance, a to-do list larger than mount Everest etc.

I have developed 5 small NLP techniques to reduce your stress during the holidays. You can use these on yourself or others.


5 NLP techniques to reduce your stress during the holidays


Five quick NLP techniques that to reduce your stress during the holidays. And for this, I use NLP questioning. The NLP way of questioning is brilliant because it allows you to ask questions to yourself or others in a way that it makes the unconscious conscious. Second, I use the ability to step out of your emotions. That’s called dissociation in NLP.

Anyway, the five techniques that I came up with actually copied something that I do myself. People are more stressed during the holidays because of family members and because of time pressure.

I am introverted. I’m also an NLP trainer, and many people like to hang out with me. I have my friends and my family; I travel. All these things are going on, and I’m an introvert. I don’t always like to “people”, I don’t always like to run around. This is how I use the meta-model questioning plus dissociation -stepping out of emotions- to figure out what I want to say yes to and what I want to say no to. How do I do this?

Okay, so technique number one. You need to switch on; you need to become conscious. You need to consciously drive the car of your life, so start making a list of what or who is specifically increasing your stress during the holidayss. And rate this between one and ten. What is the intensity level of the stress?

As a result, you switch on, and as a result, you can reflect and explore. Is this worth it to me? If this person or this thing that I do causes me a severe amount of stress, like a level nine stress, and it’s something that I technically don’t have to do, take it off your list type of thing.

So switch on and be as detailed, as specific as possible. So it isn’t just: “I have to see my family for Christmas.” It’s also about I need to do the shopping and the plane ride. You know, all of the things that you need to do. What are the stressors? Who and what specifically are the stresses in your life?

So that’s exercise number one. Two is creating a movie in your mind. And in this movie, it’s essential that you dissociate, meaning you view yourself in this situation. And all of the emotions are inside the movie. I want you to watch a movie as a scientist. What would happen if you did this particular activity or this particular person, and what specifically do you learn? If you would go forward with that. I want you to see what is happening from a non-emotional point of view. You can ping the brain and say: “Hey, do I need to do this now that I’m studying my life, my actions like a scientist?”

Okay, exercise number three. Similar thing, a very similar idea, except what you do is what would happen if you didn’t do it, and you start to learn from that space from a non-emotional point of view.

Exercise number four. Also, very similar thing, but what you’re now going to explore is what it is that you could do differently to reduce the stress in this activity with this person?

So you again roll his movie, study it like a scientist, and figure it out.

And exercise number five, to reduce your stress during the holidays. What would someone else do? A person who typically isn’t that stressed? How does someone else do this thing if they were you in this situation? So you’re watching a movie of someone else leading your life, visiting your family members.

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