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How to quickly get yourself out of bed in the morning

Getting out of bed

How do you quickly get out of bed in the morning? I found some solutions of my own. As a teacher of NLP and other tools for the mind I have done over a 100 individual projects to discover the common denominator that gets most people out of bed. What sets the person who jumps out of bed the moment they wake and what I call the chronic snooze button pusher apart?

How to quickly get yourself out of bed in the morning

The chronic snooze button pusher strategy

A person wakes up in the morning usually to an alarm. The snooze button is immediately pushed. The person focuses on feelings of comfort inside the bed, the sleepy feeling, the safe little cocoon. Nine minutes later that same darn alarm goes off, and again the snooze button is pushed. This continues for a while. It can be quite a long process, that literally for some goes in loops. Like some weird form of snooze button obsessive compulsive disorder.

Until something changes the “get-up” thought occurs:

1. Either someone starts imagining what positive things they would miss out on if they didn’t get up now. This comes with a positive feeling that causes someone to be rather out of bed, than in bed.

2. Or what negative things that would happen to them if they were late. This comes with a negative feeling to stay in bed, it becomes more attractive to get up.

The model of excellence strategy for getting out of bed

There are many possibilities here, but the things that this person does inside their head is an extremely short strategy. The common denominator is for most models is EXACTLY that same point where also the chronic snooze button pusher gets their “get-up” thought.


So how do you get out of bed quickly out of bed in the morning?

By starting a process inside your head to start imagining the get-up process much earlier. Rather than pushing the snooze button 50 times. For instance press the snooze button once, keep your eyes open, and imagine the negative or positive things that would happen today if you didn’t get up now.



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What did I learn from studying 250 people who quickly get out of bed in the morning?

Next week an article on how to use NLP strategies specifically to get out of bed quickly in the morning.

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