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Life coaching: benefits of 10.000 steps

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10.000 steps a day as a life coaching task or a means to improve your life may be the way to go for you too! Ten years ago I started my 100 pounds weight loss efforts (while I was ill ) by walking 10K steps a day. I recently started to do this again, as over the past 2 years  some hormonal shifts and shitty behavior later I am a little heavier than I would like to be. This time around my 10K steps effort is no longer done with a pocket pedometer, I now have an Apple Watch to monitor all my health needs. Rest assure your smart phone likely has a pedometer on it, or you could download an app.

Life coaching: benefits of 10.000 steps

Here are a few benefits as to why life coaching yourself or someone else to do 10.000 steps a day is a great idea:

Busting yourself on sedentary habits. 

Trust me 10K steps is really quickly reached by walking around the office, your house, the grocery store, and a short walk around the block. It is not a matter of also doing an hour on the treadmill or going for a long walk after dinner.  However, the latter is a requirement if you really simply do not move enough at all. Doing not much more than sitting literally all day.  Consider these 10K steps to a means to catch yourself, where your sedentary habits are simply too far out of control.

Visualization, NLP, creative brainstorming

When you walk you can visualize, you can work through NLP patterns, or creatively brain storm with yourself. A pattern interrupt from the desk and chair. In life coaching asking your clients to walk while doing coaching or NLP tasks is a wonderful thing.


Walking today means you can listen to audio books, the sound of a TED talk, podcasts. You can even download our Global NLP smart phone app with podcasts and videos.

Small alterations lead to well being

Knowing that you need to do 10K steps a day, it really forces you to think different. Wether it is allowing yourself a little more time to get out of a busy subway one station earlier, to just have a bit of space and peace. To have movement. To walk a little outside during your lunch break and smell the roses.

New Habits doing 10K steps

By doing 10K steps a day for enough time, this eventually becomes an unconscious habits. You start to need it. It becomes the new normal. This means of course sticking with it for a while so it can travel from a conscious incompetence, to conscious competence, to unconscious competence.

More adventure and discovery

I find myself opting to walk in locations where I am unfamiliar with the landscape. It allows for discovery of new places. Last night, I was short 2K steps, and decided to check-out what was happening BEHIND the construction site of the island where I have been living for a year. I discovered an amazing location where you have one of the most amazing water view points in Amsterdam. Who knew. A mere 10 minutes from my house.

Weight loss & fitness

Think about it, if you usually don’t walk 10K steps, then you will become fitter and drop some weight.

Headspace, mindfulness & calmness

I have started to do walking meditations using an app. A really wonderful tool I have been playing with is Headspace. I get it at a discount through having a Spotify account. But even without meditating, walking is a great way to clear your head. Can you be in the present while you do it?

An introversion break & enjoy music

Walking is a great way to enjoy some you-time, and listen to music.

Social engagement

I found myself engaging with other people more, rather than communicating through Facebook or smart phone. Wether it being a walk to my dads house, walk over to enjoy some time with a friend. Decide to have face time and get a walk in. Also walk with friends. I have a friend who is also almost a neighbor. We catch up, while we walk.

You think better

Scientific research has shown that you do think better when you walk!



Fitbit – Step tracker


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