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More tips for practicing the meta model after taking NLP training

Question Meta Model

Read first: 5 tips for practicing the meta model after NLP training

Last week many of you enjoyed the first 5 tips, below a few more ideas.

Tips to practice the meta model after NLP training

6. Flash Cards

Create flash cards with all of the NLP Meta Model questions, and listen to other people talk. Thumb through all of the questions, and listen for when it is a good fit.  Another way is to simply pick up your NLP training manual, and go over it. Anything unclear? Contact your NLP trainer, the better companies offer a commitment to post-course support (which is something to look for before you book a class.)

7. Calling someone you haven’t talked to in a while

A fun thing to do is call someone you haven’t seen or talked to in a while after your NLP training, and meta model them on the updates of their life. Stepping into someones map, is often experienced as something very pleasant. And maybe you will get to know an old friend even better.

8. Reading your own journal

If you keep journals, it may be fun to get out some of your own old writings and meta model your own writing. You can pair this with an exercise by considering how you would coach your younger self. Or you can use the Milton Model you learned in your NLP training to inspire you! You can make your own best client.

9. Reading this Article and spotting the violations

I trust you can do it.

10. Practicing at work and at the kitchen table

Grab any opportunity you can to practice any place and any time: with your kids at the kitchen table, with your clients, business meetings, etc.


Book: Structure of Magic, Richard Bandler and John Grinder (not for beginners, a tough read.)

Video:  The easy way to meta model

Remember, : mastery is achieved through practice. I always recommend to start applying the tools actively within 72 hours of completing an NLP training.

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