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NLP eye accessing tips -part 2


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NLP eye accessing is something a lot of people who went to NLP training are very excited about. But there are some quick and easy tips that I can give, that even a lot of NLP trainers don’t know.

The first 5 tips I gave last week can be found here:
5 Tips for NLP Eye Patterns

NLP Eye Accessing: 5 more tips

1. NLP training is not real life eye accessing application

Some books and NLP trainers are still suggesting you try this, but never ask someone if they can imagine what their front door looks like. And what the front door would look like if it were pink. People!!! Those questions are only asked in an NLP training to see how NLP eye accessing works. In the real world it is a bit of a rapport breaker.

2. What do you ask instead?

A good question would be simply: “What did you just hear inside your head?” That can also be a rapport breaker. How about an open-ended question. “What do you think that sounds like?” Someone will answer something that reveals if they know the sound or not, or if they had to create it in their mind too.

3. Gestures

If you want someone to quickly access a memory, use your finger gesture for the eyes to move your finger into the visual remember position. You can also pull someone out of any of the others. I have a friend who I consistently need to trick into not talking too much to himself.

4. What about lies?

NLP eye accessing revealing lies? Hog wash. It may be a marker for lying but that’s about it. So is having a gut feeling. People visually create images all the time inside their head, when they are lying and when they are not lying, because they are the only ones that know what the contents of what they are eye accessing are. If a cop would ask me, “were you in this room yesterday?” If I was, I might choose at that moment in time to construct an image of a sandy beach to relax, because I simply don’t like cops asking me questions when I haven’t done anything. Or what if I hadn’t been in the room, and said yes, but at that moment in time I remember the location where I had been.

5. Reversed systems?

For K and A to be reversed, is extremely rare. For auditory system to be reversed is more common, but also not what you typically notice. For someone in the visual system to be reversed is more common.


Video: After NLP training

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