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NLP fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips – one


Table of Contents

This is the first installment of a series of notes on the NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern tips. This article assumes the reader already has learned the Fast Phobia Cure as part of their NLP Practitioner Training.

I am not entirely sure how many I have done, hundreds at this point. Though a seemingly simple technique, it actually requires ALL of the NLP Practitioner training skills to come together. And it is one of the few NLP techniques where it is really important to stick to process.

Before you begin

1. Rapport!

2. Managing your own internal state.

3. Meta-model, to figure out what specifically is the problem.

4. 4-tupling and the Milton-model to create the experience.

5. Perceptual positions – 3rd position / 3 place dissociation (larger dissociation, less magnitude.)

6. Submodalities (black and white, color.)

7. Fast phobia cure pattern itself.

 There are literally 100s of notes I could give on this, and ideas how to cook with NLP. I will just give a few in a series of articles on this blog.

Fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips

From three to four place dissociation

An important part of the NLP Fast Phobia Cure is dissociating the client completely from the negative emotional experience. Some clients don’t dissociate until more than even more than free place dissociation takes place. Examples: putting in extra or thicker plexi-glass walls, see through Teflon shields, a bubble inside the projection booth, etc.

Dissociation isn’t happening

This is one of the most important fast phobia cure and trauma relief pattern tips I can give you, as dissociation issues are fairly common.

Running the fast phobia off a timeline that is preferably physically built (not just as a sit down unconscious process. Especially when someone is highly kinesthetic.) This is really a Master Practitioner level tool though.

Put the client in the physiology of dissociation: lean back, chin raised, looking up, need be put their hands behind their head.

NLP Fast Phobia Cure and Trauma Relief Pattern Tips – Part Two.