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NLP Timeline for Happiness Meditation

happiness meditation

An NLP Timeline for Happiness Meditation (or visualization) can easily be created out of everything we learned. If you are only an NLP practitioner or have never taken any NLP training, don’t worry. I will explain everything in layman’s terms inside this blog post.

NLP Timeline for Happiness Meditation

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Now you are up to speed. Let’s pair this with a new exercise:

NLP timeline for happiness meditation – steps


1. Pick a challenging time in your past that you overcame. When you had to practice resilience to overcome it. A breakdown, perhaps, followed by a breakthrough.

2. Pick the first person who comes into your mind who love you a lot as a child, and hopefully still does.

3. Your first childhood memory that’s positive, and determine the age at which it happened. We are going to call this the “positive childhood memory age” for this NLP timeline for happiness technique.


4. Imagine you are the person at the time you were the “positive childhood memory age.” You are looking through their eyes, looking through at yourself then. Tap into this space of love, the joy this person felt looking at you. The hopes and dreams this person had. Tap into any positive feelings like love, joy, kindness, compassion, creativity, etc.

5. Imagine that you can give this young you a protective bubble with these positive feelings inside, while also adding things like strength, resilience, confidence, power, etc. You could imagine the bubble getting stronger, like a powerful energy. Imagine that as this bubble surrounds you, you get stronger. The you inside of it becomes even more powerful. That you, later on before life gets harder, are protected and resilient.

6. Now step in this younger you with happiness and power. See what you would see, hear, and feel – re-experiencing your first positive childhood memory. But this time it is even better.


7. Imagine that you are traveling a timeline from this moment, or a life path. Whatever this means to you. Experiencing moments that come along the way, right up to that moment that things got more complicated. However, this time, you are surrounded in a protective bubble. Change that experience and recode it in your mind, traveling through it, until that moment is over.

8. When the moment is over consider the following:

    1. What, specifically, did you learn (if anything)?
    2. How, specifically, did this make you more resilient and stronger?
    3. How, specifically, can this bad time in your life have meaning beyond itself?

The present

9. Continue to travel slowly over your timeline to the present time. You are touching on experiences along the way.

The future

10. Traveling into the future, implementing your happiness goals, as taught inside this Global NLP Happiness training series. You are leading a life true to the values you determined. Following a path on which you will work on positive emotions, engagement, flow, positive relationships, meaning and purpose, and achievement; the essential pillars of well-being, called PERMA. These should be present on your life wheel in all areas of your life: personal development and spirituality, physical and mental health, physical environment, finance, career, significant other, friends and family, fun and leisure time.

A life with meaning

11.. Traveling to the last six months of your life, becoming happier and happier along the way and reaching more happiness goals. Very consciously not only implementing but also safeguarding your well-being.

12. Now imagine looking back at your life and having lived a life of purpose and meaning. With so many positive emotions, relationships, mastery and flow, and accomplishments.

Go back to the present time and associate into this moment. Of course, you can alter the NLP Timeline Happiness Meditation or Visualization technique any way you wish.


The Hope Circuit: A Psychologist’s Journey from Helplessness to Optimism – Martin Selgiman, Ph.D

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