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NLP training happiness series: goal setting

NLP training happiness series

In this Global NLP Training Happiness Course, we will teach you two methods of goal setting. Though one is the traditional goal setting exercise taught in an NLP Training (Well Formed Outcomes), and the other involves tools using NLP in the scientific method of goal setting.

The NLP Training Happiness Course

In the previous weeks, we covered the life wheel, PERMA, the scientific definition of happiness, NLP values, and the levels of change. Last week we pulled all these concepts together, with the assignment being for you to think about what goal you wish to set.

You can find an overview of all Global NLP Training Happiness Series blog articles (and video links) to the previous weeks here.

NLP goal setting – well-formed outcomes

For the NLP goal setting well-formed outcomes tool, we have a nice template you can use inside the Global NLP Training Happiness Guidebook, which you can obtain free of charge by contacting us on our website.

Below are the steps to the well-formed outcomes process using NLP:

1. “What do you want specifically?”
This seems like an easy answer, but for this way of goal setting we need to have a well-formed answer. Video-based instructions are provided below.

2. “How will you know when you have it?”

3. Where do you want it, once you reach it? (If applicable)

4. When you want it?

5. With whom do you want it?

6. How will reaching your outcome change your life?

7. How will it affect family, friends, job, your health.

8. Is it worth what it will take to get it?

9. When you achieve this result what else will improve?
Make a list.

11. What stops you from having the outcome now? Are there any obstacles?

12. Which of the resources you already have available could you use to achieve your result? And overcome any obstacle?
What do these resources look like? Sound like? Even feel, smell, or taste like? Imagine this fully.

13. How are you going to get there?
Is there more than one way to get there, are there alternatives?

14. What is the first step to begin to achieve this result?
Chunk down to the very first step that is needed to achieve the result. This needs to be specific and attainable.

Next week you are going to learn a scientific way of goal setting inside the Global NLP Training Happiness Series.


Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals – Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D

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