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NLP training: values and happiness


Leading a life true to your own values will bring you happiness. When you ask someone what their values are, they think they can readily name them. Those are the values most conscious to you, but not the deep unconscious values that we talk about in our NLP training, the ones that form the very foundation that we stand on and essentially determine whether we are going to be happy or not.


A values elicitation has the highest level of accuracy if you seek out a coach who has been trained in this methodology. Most NLP training companies don’t teach this process, as it cannot be taught in a seminar with a large number of participants if the NLP trainer tries to avoid things becoming too personal or deep, or if the program doesn’t run as an immersion training.
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I really recommend this, as your true values are a requirement to know for you to become happy. Values and happiness go hand in hand.

NLP technique: values and happiness

Cannot afford a life coach? Though you run the risk of the accuracy not being “perfect,” you can run a version of the process by yourself:

Step 1: What makes you happy in a relationship?

Step 2: Look within and ask the intuitive part of yourself, what is more important and larger than what this leads to? (you can close your eyes)

Step 3: Keep repeating step 2 with the next word, until what you hit is a core value. You simply cannot go any higher, as it is the highest that there is. Take the least value below the car value and right it down.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until you have 5 different values. You may find you keep hitting the same value again, which means you start the process over until you have 5 values.

Step 5: Put all values in order of importance.

Now that you have your values, let’s work with them. Watch the instructions below on the Global NLP Training YouTube channel.

Discovering your true values

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