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Watching movies and practicing NLP


Watching movies and practicing NLP, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.

1. Do the actors eye accessing match what they are saying?

2. What predicates does each actor use the most? Is it consistent, and is the script accurate to you?

3. What about psycho-geography, (deliberate) pointing and gesturing? What does it tell you about the character?

4. Stop the movie, pretend you are now meta-modeling one of the actors on something they just said in the movie.

5. Do the characters use the Milton model a lot? How so?

6. Is the movie itself properly 4-tupled? How about stories the actors tell?

7. What NLP patterns would benefit certain actors?

8. Are there anchors at play?

9. Are the actors in rapport? Matching, mirroring, cross-over mirroring. If the story says there should be, then in good acting this should also be observed.

10. What about perceptual positions? Of each character, where do they spend the most time? Does their language reveal that?

Next week more tips as to how to practice NLP watching movies. Keep practicing NLP!

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