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5 Unique ways to gain coaching clients

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5 unique ways to gain coaching clients, I can give so many clever ideas.  Many coaches want to follow a step-by-step by plan created by someone else, that will guarantee success. But once they have purchased this plan they notice that either this is not the way to gain coaching clients at all. Or, it requires them to become a marketing or social media coach instead. And spend the majority of the week focusing on social media rather than coaching clients. 

“How” you gain coaching clients should be done in a way that fits your personality.

5 Unique ways to gain coaching clients

1. Gaining coaching clients through social entrepreneurship

For myself as an NLP trainer and coach, clients find me in 3 ways: referral, Google, and social entrepreneurship. I wrote an eBook on this very topic, which you can find inside our store.

2. Ask a life coach a question!

A very easy way to get visibility and people to engage with you is to approach the owner of a small coffee place. Ask if they can hang a sign that there will be a coach on site one day of the week at a certain time. This is a way to advertise yourself through the coffee house advertising you, and for them to drum up some extra business for themselves too. You could make a sign that simply says “Ask a coach a question!” One student also used a helium balloon to attract attention.

3. Collaborating with therapists (as coaching is not therapy)

You are not a therapist, and the therapist is not a coach. A therapist is trained to work with people in ill-being, to get their clients back at a set-point where they are neither happy or unhappy. They are most certainly not in well-being, happy or mentally healthy. That’s where a coach comes in, and where a therapist is clearly not trained. This means collaborating with therapists for you to send them clients who are in ill-being, and for them to send you clients for you to bring forward from the baseline so they don’t need a therapist again in the future.

4. Invite yourself for lunch

Many companies love to have you over for lunch to teach or demonstrate a little coaching. This is a way through which I got many clients. I did not personally charge for these sessions, instead raising funds for a good cause. Another reason for not charging to tell your contact could be test driving a new workshop.

5. Workshops for influencers

Offering a workshop for those who talk to a lot of people such as hairdressers, personal trainers, school teachers, members of the Parent Teacher Association, sports trainers, art gallery owners, staff of a coffee house, etc. Think of others in your environment who spend time with those you would like to gain as coaching clients.



Designing & Leading Life-Changing Workshops: Creating the Conditions for Transformation in Your Groups, Trainings, and Retreats – Ken Nelson


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