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NLP and personality typing MBTI


NLP and personality typing MBTI go hand in hand for me, to have a more powerful skill set. That’s why I also teach personality typing in combination with NLP.

This benefits me in the following areas:

  1. Communication
  2. Leadership
  3. Negotiation
  4. Mediation
  5. Teaching
  6. Public Speaking
  7. Coaching
  8. Personal life


Understand verbal and non-verbal communication, patterns and strategies. NLP to me is the psychology of what works, and that of interpersonal communication.

How do people gather information?

Understanding how people gather information from the environment and what people filter for (and filter out.) The relationship between what is conscious to us and unconscious, and how the brain processes this information. Paired with two language patterns 1) one that makes what is unconscious conscious (the meta model), and 2) the language of the unconscious mind (Milton Model.)

The skillset of NLP

Armed with skills in building rapport, non-verbal communication, and literally helping someone to change the coding inside the brain for it to function more optimally. Also being able to understand the thought strategies someone uses, and with that being able to model people who are in excellence (and teach these skills to others.) Also the understanding of what strategies people use that do not work.

NLP meta programs

NLP Meta Programs offers a powerful insight in the patterns people have in deleting and distorting and generalizing in the brain which is taught in NLP Master Practitioner (different from the Meta Model which is taught in NLP Practitioner training.)

Personality typing MBTI

There are a lot of personality typing tools out there, and the MBTI among those has the highest level of validity and reliability. It helps understanding in what ways people have preferences:

1. People gather information from the environment through using the 5 senses in the here-and-now (MBTI S) or using intuition, creative future based thinking (MBtI N.

2. How people making decisions based on what ls logical, fair and objective (MBTI T) Versus through how it makes you and other people feel, in a more subjective way (MBTI F.)

3. Where energy is gained or lost. Extraverts gain energy from being around other people, and are typically high disclosure, they talk in order to think out loud (MBTI E), where introverts gain energy from being alone, low disclosure, and they think first and then speak (MBTI I.)

4. And the relationship that people have with the environment. Are they natures natural project managers, often scheduled directive, and prefers to have decisions done and dusted (MBTI J.) Or are they more a go with the flow type, keeping options open, and be flexible (MBTI P.)

NLP and personality typing MBTI

Global NLP Training offers NLP Master Practitioner training paired with knowledge about using NLP inside personality typing and MBTI.

It is such a powerful part of the NLP training that MBTI qualification training is the most popular course my students to take after completing my course. Even more than the people that take NLP trainers training with the Society of NLP, or any other coaching or NLP course.



Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type – Isabel Briggs Myers


NLP & personality typing: introversion and extraversion at a party

Coming soon: How the MBTI, personality typing. meta programs and NLP can best be used together.

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