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What is the best way to practice the NLP milton model

Practice NLP Milton Model

What is the best way to practice the NLP Milton Model?

Are you a practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and want to master the Milton Model? Many NLP students have felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of techniques that make up the model, so how can one find an efficient way to practice it? If this sounds like you, don’t worry – we’ve got your back! In this article, we will explore the best methods for practicing the Milton Model and provide some tips on honing your technique. So read on – let’s get right into it!

What is the best way to practice the NLP Milton Model

Video transcript: what is the best way to practice the NLP milton model

After finishing an NLP Master Practitioner, and doing an NLP Practitioner right before that, I’m a little exhausted needless to say. So a question I’ve received is “how do I practice the Milton Model?” Very, very simple. You don’t even need to do it in front of other people. When I wanted to learn the Milton model I didn’t focus on all of the Milton model at the same time. That’s pretty overwhelming and that’s usually the overwhelming period that NLP Practitioners are in when they’re learning the Milton model, especially if the course design of the trainer who’s involved is not that great. They actually come out of their training as unconfident Milton modelers, so to speak.

It’s very easy to just focus on, let’s say, the normalizations where the actor is unknown and how it’s being done. Words like tolerance, motivation, and acceptance, things like that. Why don’t you write ten of them down, then you write only a couple of the words that can link them together, for instance the words and, or, while, during, etc. Now that’s all you need, ten words and a few linkage words. Now spend a couple of minutes a day trying to link these ten words together. It doesn’t really matter what the quality is of the story that you’re writing inherently because it’s only ten words and a couple of glue words, a couple of linkage words. But the thing is, you get that fluidity inside the brain, the flexibility to whip it out. You could start very, very slowly, and then eventually talk faster and faster. It’s not until you’ve mastered that that you piece together the other pieces of the Milton model one by one.

What is the best way to practice the NLP Milton model you have found?



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