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NLP training | free online happiness course

NLP Training Free Online Course

The NLP training, free online happiness course, is coming to an end. We will include all lessons here.

NLP training is one thing; a free online course specifically centered around happiness is another. This free online NLP training has been predominantly created for our former students. We run an active post-class community for them.

NLP Training, free online happiness course

Week 1: testing for happiness

Article: NLP & Testing Happiness: How Happy Are You?

The best way to start any coaching session or change is by making the unconscious conscious. Often, we are aware that we are unhappy with no idea as to why. We are even prone to feel that because we experience feelings of unhappiness in one place of our life, that it is ALL of our life. We need to make conscious where in our life the pressure points are. We used a tool many life coaches use called the “Life Wheel.”

Week 2: Measuring Happiness Using Science

Article: Science & NLP: The Definition of Happiness

Did you know that 97% or more studies yearly by psychologists were (and perhaps are) about negative emotions and mental illness? And the vast majority of those are about depression and anxiety! There were virtually no studies as to how to become happy. When a group of scientists became increasingly frustrated that they couldn’t get their clients to become happy or achieve well-being, they decided that this field should be developed. The first problem was that to do scientific research you must first define happiness so that you can measure it objectively. In this week, the scientific definition is explained and, much like in week one, we measure for ourselves how happy we are in each area that combine to be well-being.

Week 3: Values & Happiness

Article: NLP Training: Values & Happiness

Leading a life true to our unconscious values will lead to happiness and well-being. This week we will help you figure out what those values are.

Week 4: The Levels of Change in NLP

Article: How Do Happiness & Change Work?

A simple explanation of at what levels NLP change work can do its job. For the Global NLP Happiness training it is the focus of this week, as you need to make the best plan or set the best goal to be able to say that you are happier at the end of our NLP course.

Week 5: NLP Goal Setting

Article: Global NLP Training Happiness Series: Goal Setting

Goal setting can be done the NLP way and the scientific way. Is there a difference? This week teaches you how to set a goal using NLP.

Week 6: The Scientific Way to Set a Goal

Article: What is the Only Scientifically Proven Method of Goal Setting?

This is an example of how the world of scientific research of random members of society starts overlapping with the study of the successful.

Week 7: Dealing with Critics & Self-Sabotage

Article: NLP Training: How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Yourself

A common problem is self-sabotage. We know what we want, we know we want to achieve well-being. But we fail, sabotaging ourselves.

Article: NLP Technique: Silencing Your Critic to Achieve Happiness

This week a common problem that could prevent you from reaching your happiness goal. Your own inner critic, or someone else being the critic. We come with some NLP techniques and insight into this.

Week 9: Three Good Things

Article: Three Good Things Intervention | Life Coach Training

Borrowed form the world of positive psychology, a proven and tested method ideal for those in the coaching business to use as a task for their clients. But also, for you to drastically change your life.

Week 10: NLP Future Pacing to Tomorrow

Article: NLP Happiness | Online Training | Future Pacing into Tomorrow

In order to work on your happiness goal, you need to approach it in the same way you would eat an elephant: one bite at a time. We cover a technique to set-up your next day working on your happiness goal.

Week 11: NLP Timelines?

Article: NLP Timeline for Happiness Meditation | Visualization to Change Your Life

This week offers some techniques to use to change your life. It uses the concept of future pacing, while firmly attaching you to your goal, doing the actions that it takes to reach it. This includes how you will look back at your work, what you have done at the end of your life.

Week 12: Summary Free NLP Training: Happiness



For the Happiness course we recommended as a follow-up resource books by Martin, Seligman, Ph.D. One of the founder of positive psychology.

For a list of his books, visit here.

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