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Our students and our staff-members are all over the world, and across time-zones. 

Our fastest response time is via email, which we aim to answer within 32 hours on weekdays. 

Global NLP Practitioner
You prefer an old-fashioned phone call and ready to go all-in?

We didn’t want to farm out our calls to a call-center with 24/7 availability, who sticks you on hold, has no clue and who’s English you can not understand. Nor want to do play phone-tag with you across time-zones.

Schedule a call with us below. We will match the right staff member to you, based on your needs.

 Do cancel the call if you can not make it!


Our company no longer has a physical office location; staff members operate worldwide, and a team flies into each of our training locations for the duration of our classes.


3101 Ocen Park Blv. Suite 100 #192
Santa Monica, CA90405



Sumatrakade 1169
1019RH Amsterdam



All phone calls must be scheduled as our students and staff members are located around the world and in different time-zones.

Schedule a phone call with us.

Email is the fastest way to get hold of us.
+13105702891 (by appointment only.)