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NLP Training in Miami

NLP training in Miami, offered by the global leader in quality NLP training combined with mindset coaching certification.

It is possible to go from having no NLP experience at all to NLP Master Practitioner in one straight shot in 15 days.

During this NLP Training in Miami we offer:

  • 7 day NLP Practitioner Program & Mindset and Personal Leadership Coaching Certification
  • 8 day NLP Master Practitioner Program & Mindset & Life Strategy Coching Certification (prerequisite: NLP Practitioner.)
  • Both programs as a full immersion training of 15 days.

Join us this September in Miami and take advantage of our immersion style training: learning new skills, obtaining certification, as well as training with people from all over the world in a life-changing event!

Global NLP Training Clients


Global NLP Training in Miami

Global NLP Training has been training in the Miami area for since 2008 and has an international reputation.  If you have met a legitimately licensed NLP Master Practitioner or NLP trainer in Miami,  they are almost sure to be a former student of ours.

There are only two legitimate licensing bodies in the world of NLP, ITANLP and the Society of NLP. We offer certification through the lattter. 

Our lead trainer has over 20 years of NLP experience, and has spoken in front of the UN, and provided coaching and training to many fortune 500 companies, coaches, top athletes, TED (motivational) speakers, teachers/trainers, and known individuals in the entertainment industry. We are the preferred vendor for training US army therapeutic staff (for PTSD). 


NLP Training Miami 2020
NLP Training Seals: SNLP, EQi2, CRKBO, INEMLA.

You will learn how the brains learns and processes information.


Each brain perceives and interprets the world around us differently. 


What the brain perceives, affects our reality and our results.


Using language to verbally and non-verbally to influence behavior.

Questioning skills to reveal unconscious information stored in the brain.

Language used by motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins - talk to the unconscious mind.


How can we re-program the brain to function like a successful person,

How can we teach the brain strategies to reach goals, and to start controlling our story, rather than let life happen to us.

NLP-Based Mindset Coaching


Students from all over the world attend our NLP training in Miami. Some are coaches or aspire to be, others do not. Someone can use the skillset of an NLP Practitioner in nearly any field: therapy, personal development, education, business, and sports. In any given training, a real estate agent may sit next to a life coach, or a business executive next to a professional athlete. Some people want to become better parents.

They all have in common that they want to learn NLP and gain the skill set of a mindset coach—a person who can work in personal leadership or life strategy. And apply the tools in their personal and professional lives.




We’re excited to announce our return to Miami, where we’ve secured a brand new training location in one of Little Haiti’s most promising neighborhoods, just a stone’s throw from the Design District. This unique space not only serves as our training ground but also operates as an event venue tailored for architects, designers, and creative minds, drawing in brilliant individuals from across the globe. We proudly count ourselves and our students among these innovators, acting as architects of transformation and designers of life, equipped with groundbreaking tools and techniques set to revolutionize personal and professional lives indefinitely.


  • Nestled in a culturally rich area known for its creativity and artistic energy.
  • Surrounded by restaurants and art galleries.
  • Merely a 5-minute drive from the beach.

This move places us at the heart of a dynamic community where culture, art, and innovation intersect, offering an unparalleled environment for our transformative work and NLP Training in Miami.