NLP Course Manuals


Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Mindset Coaching Combination

NLP course information:

Length: 16 Days (15 days of instruction and 1 day off)

We offer live, online, and hybrid training solutions.

Pre-requisites: None

Course locations:
Amsterdam, Bali, Los Angeles, Mexico, Miami, Portugal

*Exchanging this certificate for the more limited “Life Coach” certificate is optional.


The full immersion NLP course, where a student completes both the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses simultaneously, stands as our most popular and flagship program. This is where we distinguish ourselves, just as our dedicated students do — those individuals who are committed to going “all-in.” Go from a novice to an NLP Master Practitioner while acquiring three coaching certifications within our comprehensive full immersion program.

The proficiency of our students’ abilities and the depth of their transformation highlight that an immersive experience, detached from other personal and professional distractions, is the optimal approach to learning and experiencing NLP.


At every NLP course location, we provide you with a top-tier trainer and maintain small, personalized groups. Here, you are more than just a number or a name-tag; you are a valued individual to us.

Every student is afforded the chance to connect and collaborate with our most senior trainer—an accomplished NLP coach with a renowned international reputation.

Included with this NLP Course:

  • 15 day live training (130-140 hours)
  • (Limited) options to do a hybrid live and online training.
  • NLP course online at no additional charge (Practitioner)*
  • Stay inside our villa or beach villa at a competitive rate (additional cost applies)
  • 3 Manuals
  • Handouts and overview sheets you can use during and after the training
  • Personality type assessment (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Some students will receive a $400 store credit.
  • Unparallelled post-course support.
  • Optional pre-course work


  1. NLP Practitioner (Society of NLP, signed by the co-creator of NLP)
  2. NLP Master Practitioner (Society of NLP, signed by the co-creator of NLP)
  3. Mindset & Personal Leadership Coach
  4. Mindset & Life Strategy Coach**
  5. Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach
NLP training group

*Register and pay for your live NLP course more than one month in advance,.

**You have the option to switch to the more common but less valuable “Life Coach” certificate. This NLP course far surpasses the scope of a typical life coaching class.


Our goal is to provide our students with the best NLP course environment without increasing the overall cost compared to training with our competitors.

  • Private and quiet settings
  • Living room atmosphere
  • Rooftops, gardens, rice paddies, beaches,or parks
  • Naturally and culturally vibrant locations
  • Walking distance to (healthfood) restaurants and grocery stores
  • Accessibility to public transport & parking
  • Availability of kitchen, refrigerator, and laundry facilities

We aim to ensure that our students experience positive energy throughout the NLP course. We offer a space where people enjoy gathering, steering away from the typical corporate hotel setting near an airport or other impersonal destinations with windowless meeting rooms.

In some locations we can help you turn your NLP course into a retreat!



We take supporting our students before, during, and after class very seriously. In fact, we believe we are unparalleled in the industry when it comes to this. We would like to prove this to you.

NLP Training Online


It is not required to do any pre-course work, or have any prior experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The best way to learn NLP is through live instruction and experiential exercises inside a group environment. 

For those who choose to pay in full for their training more than one month in advance, we offer complimentary access to the online version of:

  • NLP Practitioner Training (70 hours)Comprehensive manual
  • All handouts and cheat sheets
  • A curated list of lessons suitable for pre-course preparation



Can I take time off?

Some students may occasionally need to step away from the training due to the demands of their job or family. While we prefer that students be physically present for 100% of the NLP course, we understand that this may not always be feasible.We can assist students in completing portions of the training online.

Our classes exceed the required hours outlined by the Society of NLP, and we have an approved online learning platform. 

You are not a number or a name-tag

Students become very close-knit with each other and the Global NLP staff. Some students are social butterflies, while others prefer solitude; however, all students tend to appreciate self-care.

At certain NLP course locations, you have the opportunity to transform your class into a retreat! 

NLP Training Room Bali
Global NLP Training Office


Our post-course support is unparalleled in the industry.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Retake your program ($300 or €300 per NLP course.)
  • Questions are answered via video or in-depth articles inside our communities, hub, and smartphone app.
  • Former student community (free)
  • Marketing (Free)
  • Some students get a $400 voucher to use inside our store.


For a more extensive list, visit our post-course support page.

*Offered to students who register and pull in full more than ` month in advance.


Our calendar, training fees, bring-a-friend discounts, and payment plans vary from one location to another. While it may not be immediately apparent to students, choosing our class in Mexico, Portugal, or Bali could prove to be more economical. Who doesn’t want to take an NLP course in paradise?

Or check-out location specific information below:

Tuition, Dates & Detailed Information

NLP Training Amsterdam


The NLP course in Amsterdam is designed to meet the needs of individuals who may need to apply their skills in international environments.

The class is conducted in English, drawing participants from around the world, including expatriates living in The Netherlands and Dutch individuals interested in using NLP internationally or seeking a competitively priced training option.

The NLP course in Amsterdam takes place in one of the most desirable neighborhoods, the Pijp.

The class is held in an art studio with a lot of daylight, a seating area, and across the street from the Sarpahatipark.

Locals, expats, and college students outnumber the tourists in this area.

We can recommend hotels, airbnb’s or you can stay with a former student!


  • Adjacent to the old city center.
  • Walking distance of the museum district.
  • Down the street from the Alberty Cuyp Market & the Heineken Experience.

Necessities to Make a Class More Comfortable
  • Available nature: park.
  • Food: many food options at all budgets.
  • Fridge: yes.
  • Supermarket: walking distance.

How to Get There
  • Airport: Amsterdam, Schiphol – serviced by many (budget) airlines.
  • Public transport: extremely conveniently located to the metro, trams, busses, and train stations.
Tuition, Dates & Detailed Information:

NLP training Bali


Take your NLP course inside tropical paradise.

Near Ubud, in a quiet village, the locals still outnumber the tourists. 


The NLP course is held inside a 5-bedroom villa, which includes 4 living room areas, a rooftop & lounge area, a dining area, a pond, and a garden.

Rooms: 5

Cost: $750 for 17 nights.


  • Quiet village adjacent to Ubud
  • Walking distance to the Campuhan Ridge & Mountain Valley Temple (hiking trail.)
  • You can turn your training into a retreat.

Necessities to Make a Course More Comfortable:
  • Available nature: rice paddies.
  • Kitchen: yes.
  • Breakfast is included for students staying in the training venue.
  • Lunch is included for all students.
  • Food: many food options at all budgets nearby.
  • Supermarket: walking distance.

Turn your training into a retreat:

We can arrange inside our training venue at an additional charge:


  • Yoga Instructor (there are also classes nearby)
  • Masseuse
  • Fitness trainer (gyms are 15 minutes away by scooter.)
  • Private chef
  • Laundry
  • Food delivery
  • Scooter
  • Driver (car, scooter)
  • Private tours

How to get there:
  • Airport: Denpasar – serviced by many airlines.
  • Airport to Ubud: we can arrange a private driver.
  • Local transport: Scooter -and car taxis are very inexpensive.
Los Angeles - Venice Beach
Tuition, Dates & Detailed Information:

NLP Training Los Angeles


The class is held in the Marina Del Rey area (at the border of Venice Beach, 1 block from the ocean.)

Our training location is in a 4-bedroom beach penthouse condo, which includes 1 living room, dining area, kitchen, garden, rooftop & lounge area, and barbecue area.

Rooms: 4

Cost: $1000 and up for 17 nights. 


  • Venice Beach, Marina Del Rey Beach, and the Venice Pier are at the end of the street.
  • Walking distance to the Venice Boardwalk.
  • Muscle Beach, Abbott Kinney, Marina Del Rey.

Necessities to Make the Course more Comfortable
  • Available nature: beach.
  • Food: many food options at all budgets.
  • Laundry: yes.
  • Kitchen: yes.
  • Supermarket: small convenience stores within walking distance, larger supermarkets inclusive of Trader Joe’s and Erewhon are minutes away by Uber.
  • Food & grocery delivery.

How to get there
  • Airport: Los Angeles LAX – serviced by many (budget) airlines.
  • Airport to Marina Del Rey: 20 minutes by Uber.
  • Local transport: Uber, blue bus, bicycle, e-scooter (Bird, Lime), e-bike.
Mexico - Riviera Maya
Tuition, Dates, Detailed Information:

NLP training Mexico



Experience a small beach town in a tropical paradise in the Riviera Maya.

Puerto Morelos is located between Cancun and Tulum. A quaint fishing village where the locals still outnumber the tourists. 

Our NLP course location is inside a 4-bedroom beachfront villa, which includes 2 living rooms, a dining area, 2 kitchens, a pool area, a rooftop, a lounge, and a barbecue area. There are stunning views of the ocean that can be seen from the training room.

Rooms: 4

Cost: $900 and up for 17 nights.


  • We are on the beach.
  • Snorkeling & diving.
  • Within a short driving distance of many cenotes.

Necessities to Make an NLP Course More Comfortable:
  • Available nature: beach
  • Food: many food options at all budgets
  • Laundry: yes
  • Kitchen: yes
  • Supermarket: within walking distance.

Turn your training into a retreat:

We can arrange inside our training venue at an additional cost:

  • Masseuse
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Diving instructor
  • Snorkel and diving equipment
  • Boat & captain
  • Private chef
  • Bicycle
  • Private Driver
  • Private tours

How to Get There:
  • Airport: Cancun- serviced by many (budget) airlines.
  • Airport to Cancun: 35 minutes by private shuttle.
  • Local transport: taxi, mini-bus, bicycle.
Miami Beach

We currently are selecting a new location in the beach areas between in Miami Beach and Hollywood.


This is a new training location, expected starting date: May 4th, 2024.