NLP training Los Angeles

NLP Training in Los Angeles

The NLP Training in Los Angeles takes place at the border of the Venice Beach & Marina Del Rey, inside a beach condo steps from the ocean. We train in small groups, with a top-tier trainer.

Our NLP training in Los Angeles offers a unique blend of high-quality, intensive training and legitimate certifications signed by the co-creator of NLP. Thanks to our international reputation, students fly in from all over the world!

Our programs cater to individuals who wish to go ‘all-in.’ We foster a family atmosphere where both the trainer and students can personally connect – no stages, bright lights, sales booths, or windowless corporate hotel meeting rooms in soul-less locations.

We prioritize direct access to your trainer, who genuinely cares about your learning, goals, challenges, and personal transformation, fostering a safe and supportive learning environment.

Our commitment to integrity and complete transparency means no hidden fees, sales funnels, or hidden agendas. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.


Your NLP training in los Angeles will lead to legitimate certification.

Global NLP Training Certification Seals

Because we are a leading provider of small immersion style NLP and Mindset Coach Training globally, your certifications as an NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner are recognized worldwide and are held to the highest standards. 

There are two legitimate licensing bodies for NLP,  namely the ITANLP, and the Society of NLP. We certify under the latter. The creators of NLP do not recognize any other licensing bodies. A real certificate is always signed by one of the co-creators of NLP.

We are the only company offering NLP training with legitimate certification, and where a top-tier trainer teaches in small groups a full immersion training. Meaning the ability to go from having no NLP experience at all to NLP Master Practitioner, and earn 3 NLP related Mindset Coaching certificates in the process


Global NLP Training Clients


Our senior trainer, Nicole Schneider, has over 20 years of experience, which is unique in this field.  She has been giving NLP training in Los Angeles for nearly 15 of these.  

Nicole has spoken in front of the UN, worked with the therapists of the US army (teaching NLP based tools for PTSD), trained coaches and motivational speakers all over the world, top executives, top athletes and celebrities in the entertainment industry. 


You will learn how the brains learns and processes information.


Each brain perceives and interprets the world around us differently. 


What the brain perceives, affects our reality and our results.


Using language to verbally and non-verbally to influence behavior.

Questioning skills to reveal unconscious information stored in the brain.

Language used by motivational speakers such as Tony Robbins - talk to the unconscious mind.


How can we re-program the brain to function like a successful person,

How can we teach the brain strategies to reach goals, and to start controlling our story, rather than let life happen to us.

NLP & NLP-Based Mindset Coaching

Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries internationally. Most life coaches aren’t trained in working with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

NLP and NLP based coaching has been in use for over three decades. NLP is the psychology of duplicating excellence in any field of your choice. 

It is widely used by the world’s preeminent life coaches. With NLP techniques, you can learn to identify the underlying structure of happiness and success, and train your mind to move toward positive solution based outcomes.

We will teach you the tools that allow you to guide yourself and others to reach the mind’s full potential.


NLP Practitioner and Mindset & Personal Leadership Coaching

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NLP Master Practitioner, Mindset & Life Strategy Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach

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Full Immersion (Both)

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$3600 (Bring a friend for $600)


The NLP training in Los Angeles takes place on the border of the famous Venice Beach and Marina Del Rey. The beach is across the street one block away.

Key highlights:

  • Beach condo, 4 bedrooms & a rooftop.
  • Near the Venice pier, the boardwalk, Venice Canals & Santa Monica.
  • Short walking distance to restaurants and shops.

We have rooms available for students who are taking the full immersion class at an extra charge for $50 per night and up. 

Venice Beach